InterFACE Models – Our Unique Benefits Over an Agency

By Leor Golan | Social Media & Content Specialist at InterFACE Models , New York City – Wednesday August 14, 2013

Anyone who is thinking of joining the modeling industry has definitely come across one of our websites, and is wondering what it is. In fact, it’s why you’re reading this article right now! So what is InterFACE and how we help you achieve your goal?

InterFACE Models is a talent marketing firm (not a talent agency) that offers aspiring models a great way to get started. We promote our modeling clients to the modeling industry and greatly increase their chances of them getting signed for modeling opportunities. In an industry where it can take many months, even sometimes years to get started, we have developed a system that allows people that are new to the industry to dive in head first! Our modeling clients do not have to spend lots of time and money like their competing peers who are sometimes struggling to get a manager or sign with an agency.

We are not a talent agency, but in some respects it is similar to one. While agencies can definitely provide you with some very authentic and specific opportunities, we actually have many more advantages. We provide our clients with two types of promotions, while agencies can only provide one.

Agents will promote you in the only way they know how: through their few contacts in the modeling industry. Our modeling clients also get promoted to acting, singing and dancing industry professionals!

We are such a large company that it has connections with many times the number of industry professionals in our network than even the biggest agencies do! Yet, agency representation can be useful later on in a career, and it is for this reason that we also market our clients to agencies.

InterFACE Models – Your Unique Advantage With InterFACE Pages

InterFACE Models is not a talent agency. We don’t earn a commission on booked jobs. We expose clients to more opportunities than can a single agency

InterFACE Model is not a talent agency. We don’t earn a commission on booked jobs. However with InterFACE Pages we expose our clients to more opportunities than can a single agency

Another one of InterFACE’s biggest promotional platforms is an industry unique service called InterFACE Pages. It is an online database of our clients’ profiles that our subscribed industry professional network uses to request talent to audition for their projects. InterFACE Pages is InterFACE’s crown jewel and it’s a huge benefit to our clients. Just like all the big social media websites such as Craig’s List, Facebook and Twitter, we thrive due to its ease of access by so many through the internet.

The best part about InterFACE Pages is that membership is prepaid and low cost, so when you get requested for a modeling job, InterFACE doesn’t take any commission like an agency would. It doesn’t matter if you get hired for ten jobs or one-hundred, you still pay InterFACE the same low price.

So if you’re an aspiring model that’s looking for modeling opportunities, we are definitely the place for you!

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