Addressing InterFACE Talent Network Complaints That We Do Only Pictures

By Jayelle Dorsainville | Social Media & Content Specialist at InterFACE Talent Network, New York City – Thursday August 22, 2013

While InterFACE Talent Network is a talent marketing firm, not a talent agency, we nevertheless are able to connect our clients with current show business projects.

Addressing InterFACE Talent Network Complaints - How We Connect Clients With Real Show Business Opportunities

We have a plethora of show business industry contacts we keep in constant communication with. We’ve built enduring relationships with these industry professionals because of our proven track record of results, and our easy to use system for finding talent, InterFACE Pages.

Networking is the key to survival within the entertainment industry, and we’ve worked hard to create and maintain connections to industry professionals who are able to provide entertainment industry opportunities for our clients.

Addressing  Interface Talent Network Complaints - we do more than provide pictures (marketing materials) to our clients. We also connect our clients to real show business opportunities.

Addressing Interface Talent Network Complaints – we do more than just provide pictures. We also connect our clients to real show business opportunities.

Using our industry network to connect our talent to new opportunities (i.e., an audition or a new opening in a modeling agency’s roster) is our first priority.

Again, we’re not casting directors, agents or an agency; we cannot directly connect our clients to job opportunities; only casting directors, agents or an agency can do that — that is their job. However we are able to facilitate, or help them, do their jobs.

Exactly how do we do that?

The first step is when an industry professional gets a “breakdown” and then contacts one of our directors in promotions in one of our offices.

In the entertainment industry a “breakdown” is a request for talent, broken down by specifics like height, eye color, body type and more. A “breakdown” may also include a description of the character or role that will be filled by the chosen actor and/or model.

Our directors in promotions receives these breakdowns and they then search our talent database, InterFACE Pages, for talent that fits the requests. Every client that matches the breakdown profile is submitted to the industry professional that sends in the request.

Promotional Directors also submit models to modeling agencies in what we refer to as a “package”. A “package” is a bundle of clients that fit the description that a modeling or talent agency is looking for. These packages contain information on the client, their resume, and of course their composite card. From there we are contacted about which clients the agent has chosen to pursue further, and we’re always excited to see a client signed exclusively.

Sometimes a promotions director will send a packages of client photos and information to industry professionals to elicit a response, even if there is not current request. It is through this solicitation that many clients are requested by modeling and agencies for representation.  This is why InterFACE uses the term “entertainment marketing center” to describe itself.

However, as hard as we do work, just know we don’t have the final say in whether or not you get to audition or find representation. In the case of an audition, that’s up to casting directors; in the case of representation, that’s up to an agent.

Finally, InterFACE Pages is a user-friendly, state-of-the-art, online internet database and marketing system that allows casting directors and agents to use on their own to find appropriate talent.

Many clients experience their first industry success because of Inter FACE Pages. It’s nice to have opportunity come to you, and that’s what Inter FACE Pages grants you.

This is essentially what Inter FACE Talent grants you, opportunities brought to YOU!

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