Our Acting Clients on Broadway! An Interface Talent Review

By Leor Golan | Social Media & Content Specialist at InterFACE Talent, New York City – Friday August 23, 2013

InterFACE clients are known to land all kinds of exciting acting jobs. Whether it’s on the stage or on camera all the different types of acting have been covered. InterFACE Talent gives actors exposure to all kinds of new and exciting opportunities, so no matter what you think your niche is, you can always try a bit of everything.

Appearing in Broadway productions have always been a theatrical actors dream. Being in the spotlight in front of hundreds of people is a very daunting task, yet can be a very rewarding one. Just by landing such a role you are actually demonstrating that you possess great acting and singing abilities. Cast-members on Broadway are instantly bumped to a new level of prestige once they step out on stage.

An Interface Talent Review of Broadway Bound Talent

InterFACE is known for the success of its models, less so for its actors. In this Interface Talent review we look at our clients on Broadway

InterFACE is known for the success of its models, less so for its actors, but some of our clients are Broadway bound

It is because of this that we are very proud of the clients that have made it into the Broadway spotlight. InterFACE client, Douglas, was recently requested and booked for the musical “Kinky Boots”, a comedy about a struggling shoe business trying to make a turn around with a line of sturdy high heel shoes. One of InterFACE’s best was also invited to audition through the Carson Kokhler agency for another Broadway show called “Newsies”.

One of the longest running Broadway musicals of today, “The Lion King” has successfully brought the famous childhood Disney movie to life. Starting out on stage in 1997, the Broadway classic has since produced over 6,500 shows and is still running today! InterFACE Talent’s very own child actor, Mouhamad, was recently requested to audition for “The Lion King” as well as another Broadway production called “Motown the Musical”. Mouhamad was also called back for a 2nd round of auditions and we wish him lots of luck!

It was through InterFACE Talent that these clients were able to get auditions and castings in these award winning Broadway shows. So try out InterFACE today, and see how we can help you get your theatrical acting career started!

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